Here is a General Listing of Roofing Manufacturers
and the types of Products we carry

Brai Flex 190 / 190 FR
APP Base Sheet
APP 160 Hot/Cool
Work Horse APP Smooth 160
Apex 4.5 & Apex 4.5 FR
APP 170
SP 4
Apex 180 Smooth
APP 180 Black/White
Bestile Cement
APP 80 Glass Base
Intex Flex M
Concrete Primer
Type IV Glass Felt
Brai Flex Smooth
Dyna Base
Modified Bit. Flashing Trowel
Intec Flex FR 4.5
Dyna Flex
Modified Adhesive Brush
Intec Flex 190 Torch
Dyna Glass & Dyna Glass FR
Pourable Sealer
Laser Base Sheet
Dyna Kap & Dyna Kap FR
SBS Black/White
Tough Ply IV
Dyna Lastic Smooth/Granular
SBS Premium
Brai Ultra Base
Dyna Tread
Matrix 101, 102, 201, 202
Glas Kap
SBS Torch
Intec Granules Black, White, Gray
Insulation Adhesive
SBS Glass Base Sheet
Walkway Pad APP & SBS
MBR Utility Cement
SBS SA Base Sheet
MBR 2 Part Flashing
Walkpads Box 30
Manville Ply IV
SBS Smooth
Premier Ply VI
Deck Screw
PP 28 Base Sheet
Deck Plates

Firestone & Manville
10 x 50 045
10 x 50 060
10 x 100 -060 Reinforced
Bonding Adhesive
Splice Cement
Pipe Flashing
P & S Flashing
Lap Caulk 1gal. 5gal. Tubes
Expando Flash
Termination Bar
Splice Cleaner 5gal.
Tape/Primer Wash
Walkway Pads 30x30
Locking Seam Plates
Anchor Disc's

Flashing Cement 6 1/2 & 5 gl.
1" 4x8"
Karna Kleen
Roof Cement 6/12 & 5 gl.
2" 4x8"

Modified Adhesive: Brush & Trowel Grade

3" 4x8"
Asphalt Emulsion Non Fibered
Wet Surface Cement
4" 4x8"
Asphalt Primer
Roof Coating 5 gl. cans.
Roof Cement 61/2 5 gl.
Double Coverage Cement
Tapered Iso 4x4
#19 Flashing Grade Cement
Asbestos Free Cements & Coatings
AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, Q, X, Y, Z 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4
Wet & Dry Cement
Asphalt Primer
1/2 Duraboard
Black Velvet Roof Coating
Asphalt Fabric
Tapered Edge
Ultra Flashing Cement
Foundation Coating
Cant Strip
Fibered Emulsion Coating
Mastic Dampproofing
Fesco Board 4x4
AR Elastomeric Brushes
Mastic Emulsion Dampproofing
1/2, 3/4, 1", 1 1/2, 2"
AR Elastomeric Trowel
Bitustatic Compound
HD Fibered Ins. 4x8
Dampproofing Mastic
Fibered and Non Aluminum Coating
Tapered Fesco
Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating
Non Fibered Emulsion Dampproofing
Non Fibered Alum. Roof Coating
Elastomeric Mastic
Modified Adhesive Brush/Trowel