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S&J - The solid Source for Concrete Restoration

The success of your restoration projects are only as good as the materials you use and the people behind them. That's why you need S&J - the dependable and experienced source for all your concrete restoration needs.

What's more important, S&J does more than supply quality products, we also offer contractors valuable technical assistance from our well trained professionals. S&J will provide:

Whether you're protecting or restoring parking structures, condominiums, concrete walls or walkways, pools, interiors or exteriors, we can supply the quality products to complete the project efficiently and successfully! You'll find that no one offers a broader range of high quality products, more restoration expertise or more reliable service than S&J!


Facade Stabilization

You're on firm ground with our chemical and mechanical anchoring systems. Count on us for dryfix helical anchors from Blok-lok and Helifix. We also carry Dur-O-Wal mechanical anchors and Powers and Sika acrylic and epoxy systems.


Architectural Coatings & Sealers

We have all your coating and sealing requirements covered. Choose from Acrylic, Elastomeric, Fiber Reinforced or silicone Emulsions in any color you need. We'll even custom tint Thoro, Sto, Euclid, and Sika coatings. If a clear sealer is required, we have the Hydrozo and Chem-Trete lines.


Concrete Repair

S&J offers an integrated line of products for horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete projects. We meet your needs for structural integrity, durability, protection and aesthetic appearance. What's more, we do it all with economy in mind.

Whether you're dealing with thin overlays or full depth repairs, we have the products to complete the job. Our full line of materials include bonding and anti-corrosion agents as well as rapid to slow set products from Thoro, Euclid, Sto, and Sika.


Sealants & Waterproofing

Whether interior or exterior, silicone or urethane, S&J's full line of sealants can do the job. We offer Tremco, Vulkem, and Sika sealants in custom colors with 5, 10, and 20 year warranties.

You're never left high and dry with our waterproofing systems from Tremco, Carlisle, Euclid, Sto, W.R. Meadows and Karnak. We supply everything from deck coatings and Bentonite clay sheet membranes to damproofing and drainage mats.


Balcony Restoration

When you're called upon for balcony restoration jobs, S&J has the specialists you should call. We have the products to help you repair and waterproof balconies so they can be coated or clad in metal for future protection and aesthetics.


Parking Decks

Parking decks take a beating from both weather and traffic. That's why you need products as reliable and versatile as S&J can supply. We offer Rapid Repair Mortars that can be driven on in hours. The lines we carry include deck coating systems from Vulkem, Carlisle and Sto as well as epoxy coatings and sealers from Euclid.


Concrete Pavers

S&J meets all your concrete paver needs. We offer both Roof Block and Westile in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. Choose from various types of pedestal systems from Tremco, Bison, Wegu and Westile.